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Our goal is to break down the beauty barriers and re-define the standard of beauty. Through education, we can build a stronger, confident and loving children that will not allow themselves to be bullied. We will work closely with parents/guardians, schools and other organizations to achieve our goals. Together, we can build a compassionate, kinder and loving community.


  • Help at events
  • Be an Ambassador
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Your support means a stronger and a braver child, and a better future!

Your gift, funds programs to educate children with alopecia on how to be brave and grow confidence in their own skin, providing a stronger community that is kind and loving. Your contribution means building more events to channel kindness and spread more love to build a better community.

Help spread kindness and together we can re-define the standard of beauty.


  • Sponsor an event
  • Create a fundraising page
  • Connect us with schools, churches, organizations
  • Content Partnership

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