About Us

Our Vision
Social Bella Fly Foundation is committed to empowering children with alopecia to be brave and have confidence in their own skin.

Our Mission
Breaking Down Beauty Barriers because it’s not how you look, but what’s in your heart.

Our Founder
As a mother of an Alopecian child, Analiza del Rosario started Social Bella Fly Foundation because of the experience her daughter had with bullying. She felt helpless and knew in her heart that she has the will and know how to contribute in helping the alopecia community so they too, can have a positive and joyful life, just like Bella.

Support Us

Our work is possible through the generous support of a wide range of partners and most importantly, the support of the people across the world. Your tax-deductible contribution to Social Bella Fly Foundation will go towards education, events and empowering young alopecia kids to be braver and help make this place a kinder and nicer world to live for them.