Get Social

Bald and Free- I may not have hair, but I am Still a Whole Person. I am still me.

Embrace your Social Bella Fly- encourage the social side, embrace the new you. There are unexpected blessings and gifts of being a bald. It’s shown me a way to be in the world that is just amazing. I treat people differently, I see people differently, I find beauty in places where people normally wouldn’t find it. My struggle is totally my strength.

“It’s the only me, the only version of myself that I have ever known. “ 

Alopecia may feel isolating, and it’s perhaps one of the biggest challenges that a child may face in their lifetime. But it can also be an opportunity to transform the challenge into a moment, into a teachable moment for people not just with alopecia but for those who are unaware of its realities. Building a Connection is key; it’s the very foundation of any healthy relationship. Encouraging children to be empathetic, to imagine walking in the shoes of others. Let us be compassionate. Let us be empathetic. Let us understand.